Compiled Creations offers bespoke software development services tailored to your business needs.


Got some designs that you need implementing or even just a vague concept? Then perhaps I can help.

I’ve been making software for two decades, building solutions to particularly challenging problems that require high performing, reliable code for web and desktop Mac OS X, Windows and Linux. I will work with you to take your project from concept, through design to implementation and release. Using Agile techniques to plan your product backlog and roadmap the development program across a number of iterations (Sprints) to delivery.


Software maintenance, bug fixing and keeping up with changes in technology can be a real challenge to software vendors.

I love bug fixing! (I’m weird like that). There’s something about the challenge of hunting down a problem, understanding its cause and ultimately fixing it that I get a real kick out of. I can offer a plan to suit whether you have a single bug to fix or a program of maintenance to deal with mounting technical debt.


Need something porting to a new framework, platform or language?

I have developed cross-platform products for Mac and Windows. I have extensive experience working on with Mac OS X and been involved in a number of ports from legacy Carbon frameworks to Cocoa. Porting is often not as simple as dropping in a direct replacement for what you have, it can require major rearchitecting or redesign to meet the requirements of the new technology.


Agile techniques are now well established in the industry but many organisations struggle with adoption of agile methods.

I’ve been a Scrum Master, Product Owner and coached many teams and individuals in agile practices. I can help you kickstart your Agile program by providing advice to managers and coaching for teams. Moving to Scrum can be a disruptive and painful process but it doesn’t have to be.


If you’re looking for a reliable contractor then look no further. I can provide all the above services and more to your business as a contractor working from your offices.