Compiled Creations is an independent software development house and consultancy based in Warwickshire, UK. It is owned and operated by Matt Styles, a freelance software developer with over 20 years industry experience.

A bit more about Matt

Matt got into computers at the age of 7 when his dad brought home a Sinclair ZX Spectrum. This kicked off a long running obsession with computers and programming that led him into a software engineering career.

As a software developer he has worked on projects for both desktop and server. He has developed software for Linux, Mac and Windows operating systems as well as developed back-end services and front-end applications for the web. He prides himself on being able to quickly become proficient in new technologies, platforms, frameworks or languages, which has given him the opportunity to work on lots of interesting projects; from the automation of high performance image capture systems and 3D rendering with OpenGL in C++, to creating website and web services in Typescript with React.

His experience isn’t just with the technical aspects of programming. He has worked as Scrum Master for many teams and has been Product Owner for several successful products and projects over the years. He is a practitioner of Agile Software Development and has helped with the rollout of agile and Scrum in several organisations.

Looking to the future, he has several projects in development under the Compiled Creations banner, so keep an eye on the blog for updates on those. He is also working on client projects, so if you are a looking for a developer or help with your software engineering or agile practices, drop him a message and perhaps he can help.